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Westone Sdn. Bhd. began as a private company in December 1971, employing a staff of 20. Our production was initially limited to the manufacturing of plastic bottles and packaging for the local market, using three Blow and Injection Moulding Machines.

We expanded our production in 1978 with the introduction of 18 machines and 120 employees.

To accommodate our increased production, a new 6400 sq. ft. factory was built. By 1981, this facility was extended to 12,000 sq. ft. And our staff strengthened to 180 and machinery multiplied to 23.

The following year we acquired our first Japanese-made ASB Stretch Blow Moulding Machine, making us the first Malaysian company to introduce PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottle manufacturing to the country.

In 1989, the company shifted to our present site at Balakong Light Industrial Estate. Our plant size grew to 42,000 sq. ft. to take in 250 personnel and 50 machines. In 1993, the factory was enlarged to 400,000 sq. ft., half of which is occupied today by more than 400 employees in the Production and Administrative Departments.

With over 20 years in the plastic manufacturing industry, our Directors have acquired more than ample experience to guide the company to greater heights. Together with the support of our customers and the growing demand for plastic products, our company looks forward to serving the needs of the nation and the world.

As Malaysia positions itself in the global marketplace, we are only too proud to serve our nation in its industrial and economic development. We are always prepared to share our knowhow and to support those businesses which require the services of our bottle making technology. We do it using the latest technology and a staff of locally trained personnel. This is our policy. We sincerely believe in seeing that the growth and development of the industry is not just our success, but Malaysia's as well.